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3 Year Warranty

With the exception of lamps and glass components, all other Welluck Lighting products (“Products”) are subject to a minimum 3 year warranty  which commences from the date of Product is first delivery date. Within the Standard Warranty period, Welluck will replace, repair, rectify or take back any Product which does not comply with the warranty set out in clause 4 of our standard terms and conditions. (available at our Customer Services team by E-mail: info@welluck.com.cn).

1: Conditions

The Standard Warranty:

• Subject tolimitations of use:

• Domestic use: Upto 8 hours a day

• Commercial use: Up to 8 hours a day

1.1. Must be applied for and registered withWelluck within 1 year of the initial purchase date from a Welluck authorisedWholesaler.

1.2.Applies only to new Productsfrom the date of purchase from a Welluck authorised customer. The ExtendedWarranty  is not available to Productsthat were procured second hand, at an auction, or by any other means.

1.3. Is valid only if the date of purchase isverified by a valid invoice and the complete product is returned togetherwith  the batch number upon making aclaim.

2: Duration

2.1. The Warranty takes effect immediatelyafter the end of the Standard Warranty period. Providing that the Extended  Warranty has been validly registered, it willcontinue for a further period of 3 years, bringing the combine Please note anyclaims made within the first 3

 years of purchase must  be made to the installer or supplying Wholesalerdirect and not to Welluck.

3: Services

3.1. If upon inspection a faulty item isconsidered beyond repair, Welluck reserves the right at its sole discretion toprovide the customer  with a new Productof equivalent specification.

3.2.Any Product repaired orreplaced under the Warranty will be covered for the duration


Welluck (UK) Ltd

Unit 16, Block D, WednesburyTrading Estate, Wednesbury, WS10 7JN

Tel:0121 502 3130



4: Exclusions

4.1. Welluck shall not be liable for the repairor replacement of any Product in the event that it has failed due to any of thefollowing:

• Non-compliance with installation andsafety regulations given in the installation instructions.

• Faults caused by the installer throughinstallation errors including, but not limited to, connection to an incorrector unstable power supply.

• If the Product has not been installed by aqualified electrician if applicable by law or regulation or as instructed byWelluck.

• Inappropriate use or intentional damage bythe owner or third parties.

• Repairs carried out by parties other than aWelluck authorised representative.

• External influences (e.g. weather, transitdamage).

• Use of non-approved parts such as lamps,care products and incorrect or third party supplied spare parts.

• Accidental damage.

4.2. Welluck shall only be liable for repaircosts carried out by Welluck’s approved technicians or authorised agents. If nofault can be found  for which Welluck isresponsible, in accordance with the terms & conditions of the Warranty,Welluck reserves the right to  invoicecustomers with reasonable costs in accordance with Welluck’s rates.

4.3.Carriage costs of returneditems are not covered by the Warranty.

5: Liabilities

5.1.Welluck shall not be liablefor any unauthorised repairs or for any replacement fittings installed by anunauthorised installer.

5.2.Welluck shall not be liablefor any loss of profit, or any special, indirect or consequential loss, or anycosts, damages, charges, fees  or expensesexcept for liability that Welluck is not allowed to exclude by law.

5.3.Welluck’s total liability inconnection with the provision of the Products shall be limited to 20% of theprice paid by the customer for that Product.

6: Customercontact centre

6.1. In the event of any technical queries, customersare requested to contact the Welluck Technical Helpline for advice and, ifnecessary,  to arrange a suitable timefor a visit from a Welluck authorised engineer. For the helpline please send emailinfo@welluck.com.cn

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