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New Emergency System Unveilings

Date : 2015-12-03

Most emergency system currently on the market are constructed from constant current emergency module. The output power will fluctuate with different loading voltage. When it works with higher loading voltage, the output power will go up accordingly. The higher power it outputs, the more current it needs from the battery, which will shorten the discharge time ,damage the battery badly.

In view of this situation, Welluck has developed new emergency module of constant power output and obtained our own patent. The newest design has been a big innovation for the LED market. Not only to improve the working efficiency of emergency system but to extend its service life. 

On the basis of traditional emergency system, we have added the MCU (Microcontroller Unit) to establish the idea about constant output power. When the emergency function is activated, MCU will calculate the normal output power of LED lamp and compare it with the set point. Adjusting the output power of emergency system up to the set point by PWM technology is been followed, which will be the working power for the LED lamp as well. As long as the loading voltage is in the range from 18V to 72V, the output power of emergency system will remain the same as the set point whatever power of LED lamp it is. Regarding to the battery, we have update it from NI-CD battery to lithium battery of 18650 standard with protective circuit board preventing over charge and discharge.

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